Ethical Stones and Pearls

The Ethical Stones checklist:

- How is it produced: Mined or Lab-grown?
- Where is it mined: A conflict-free zone?
- How is it cut: Using ethical labour practices?
- How many stakeholders are involved: The fewer, the more traceable stones are
- Do they support the development of their local community?
- What are their mining methods and are they involved in projects to restore their environmental impact?

Due to their popularity, ethical stones are difficult to source so this is why most of our pieces featuring gemstones are one-offs. We can also source ethical precious and semi-precious stones for our Conscious Bespoke orders, advising you available ethical stone types.

We are planning to keep a handful of stones in stock on our website for customers in future to choose from for our Conscious Bespoke service.

Gemstones from small artisanal mines

We have direct relationships with UK and USA-based suppliers who sell stones from carefully selected and fully traceable sources around the world. All our stone suppliers have direct contact with mines and stone cutters therefore the whole process is fully traceable and workers are treated fairly.

“Our gemstones are mostly from Artisanal and Small Scale Mines (ASM) which employ local people and demonstrate responsible and ethical business practices within the legal regulation. Nineteen48 

Moyo Gems is one of the projects which aim to empower women miners to work in a safe environment, with better conditions, provide improved financial security, and create stable and equitable markets for fair trade. They are truly beautiful gemstones from the members of the Tanzanian Women Miners Association (TAWOMA).”


Traceable diamonds

Our diamonds are traceable from mine, to the cutter, to finished product. We source conflict-free diamonds depending on the client’s requests.

Diamonds that originate from mines in Australia, Canada and Botswana adhere to strict labour, trade, and environmental standards and are controlled by the Kimberly process.

We also source Ocean Diamonds for your meaningful day which are natural diamonds from the ocean of Namibia and South Africa. Ocean Diamonds are very hight quality of diamonds which picked by local divers and you can carry the ocean with you. 

We don't use lab-grown diamonds

Reclaimed stones

We source antique diamonds with old mine cut. They are unique and sophisticated as well as avoiding the hassle of the mining.

We also invite you to re-use your own jewellery or select from our vintage stone collection to create your Conscious Bespoke piece. We are able to polish your gems to bring their shine back, giving them a new lease of life.



We recommend to use recycling vintage pearls or using your own pearls.

We are also able to source different type of pearls. Pearls are a more sustainable alternative to mined stones. As pearls come from oysters, they are a naturally renewable resource. Oysters need clean water to produce good quality pearls while removing heavy metals and nitrogen from the waters surrounding them therefore offering a natural water filter. If you want a good quality marine pearl, you need happy oysters, and happy oysters need pollution-free waters.