Transparency & Traceability

Jewellery is the original recyclable luxury.

Jewellery at its core is a meaningful object that lasts and gets passed down through generations. Metals can be recycled endlessly, stones can be reset limitlessly. Made from responsibly sourced metals and stones, our jewellery will last and be treasured for a lifetime. These precious materials are carefully combined and sculpted into jewellery in all its forms.

From the start, we made a conscious decision to incorporate sustainability at the core of our brand, making it an intrinsic part of our brand DNA. All Its Forms is a fervent advocate of the Circular Jewellery movement. We push our practices further by reducing the harsh chemicals used in jewellery making, selecting our suppliers carefully, reducing packaging and stock, making sure all our inputs are plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable.

Ethical stones & Pearls

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Responsibly sourced metals

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Handmade Production

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What goes around comes around

Circular Jewellery

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