Responsibly Sourced Precious Metals

We are very aware that any type of underground mining is harmful to the environment and human health. We ensure to use responsibly sourced precious metals that are conflict-free, recycled, traceable and brings positive impact to the local community. 

We use:

SMO (Single Mine Origin) gold – Conscious Bespoke, gold collection 

Recycled silver, brass and Gold Vermeil – Soft Sculpture collection

Recycled gold – Delicate pieces with complicated details which should cast with

lost-wax casting technique. 

Reclaimed gold – Conscious Bespoke and Use Your Gold


Re-used Gold

Imbedded in the Circular Jewellery movement, we encourage you to reuse your unworn gold in new creations, whenever possible. We can melt it down to create your brand-new jewellery, retaining the sentimental value. Or we can scrap it to keep the financial value by deducting the scrap prices from the final cost of the bespoke order.

Our two types of services: Use Your Gold and Conscious Bespoke enable you to directly reuse your gold and take part in the Circular Jewellery movement.


SMO (Single Mine Origin) Gold

Single Mined Origin (SMO) gold brings total transparency of your gold. It is conflict-free and ensures to bring benefit to their local community and a minimal environmental impact. 

“SMO gold sourced from the Yanfolila gold mine in Mali, which is a member of the World Gold Council and adheres to their ‘Responsible Gold Mining Principles.

These principles include clear guidelines on avoiding, minimising, mitigating or compensating for adverse environmental impacts.” – Single Mine Origin Gold  

We aim to use SMO gold for our entire gold jewellery to support its positive impact on the community and effort on the environment. It is our progress of moving the business forward to Fair Trade without adding the extra cost on the top.


Recycled Gold and Silver

We use recycled silver in all our casting and wherever possible in the wire and sheet we use. We also recycle any scraps of metals in our studio by melting them down to be re-used for sampling. 

We use recycled gold for pieces which should be made with lost wax casting  which we cannot use SMO gold.

Our recycled precious metals are retrieved from old jewellery, industrial metals and electronic components and refined back into their pure element by our specialist suppliers in Birmingham and Hatton Garden. 

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is an alternative way to achieve a yellow gold finish on sterling silver, allowing us to bi-pass the use of newly mined gold and keeping prices affordable. The gold vermeil method is 7 times thicker than traditional plating and lasts longer.

We use 3 microns of 23.7ct gold vermeil though-out our production.

' The gold we use in our tanks is recycled; however other chemicals are added to the plating solution so we cannot guarantee it is 100% recycled. - Elliot Flizparick'

We are currently working with a precious plating supplier in Hatton Garden, but we aim to bring whole collection to be solid recycled silver, recycled gold and SMO gold in future.