Use Your Gold

Jewellery is the original recyclable luxury

Bring your unworn gold to life

Use Your Gold is our contribution to the Circular Jewellery movement, our way of minimising the environmental impact of the jewellery industry and adding value to your forgotten gold, making bespoke jewellery more accessible.

This comprehensive service streamlines the made-to-order process by allowing you to select from our edit a new design to be made using your own gold. Upcycling your unworn gold jewellery will enable you to retain its value whilst enjoying a brand new piece of jewellery which is inspired by our Soft Sculptural collection.

Each jewellery item will be crafted in-house using the traditional Delft Clay method of casting or drawn into the wire from your melted ingot.

Step 1
Choose your jewellery from our Use Your Gold edit

Each style is listed with the required minimum weight of gold to supply. Weigh gold with your baking scale at home. If you don't have enough gold, we can also add our gold at an extra cost.

Step 2
Pay the deposit & send us your gold via insured shipping

Your deposit (£80) will be deducted from the final price.

Royal Mail Special Delivery covers over £2500 with their insurance.

Step 3
Receive our confirmation

Upon reception, we will check the weight and type of your gold and contact you with a confirmation that we have enough to make your desired piece. You will receive any left-over gold back by post together with your finished piece after completion of the final payment.

Step 4
We’ll make your jewellery

Once you’ve approved the proposal, we will start making your jewellery in-house. Please allow 3-4 weeks to complete your order.

Your piece will be Hallmarked by the London Assay Office. 

Step 5
We’ll ship your jewellery

We will post your final jewellery
together with any left-over gold with free shipping after your final payment has cleared.

What to expect

- We only take yellow and rose gold to simplify the process due to the complexity of white gold & platinum.

- If you don't have enough gold, we will add our gold at an extra cost. 

-Melting gold is not straight forward therefore each order will be reviewed individually after receiving your gold, testing its carat and measuring its weight.

-If your gold is a mix of different carats, your jewellery will be hallmarked as the lowest carat in.

-If you didn’t find in our edit the right design for you, please consider using our Conscious Bespoke service where we’ll be able to create something completely unique for you.

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