Circular Jewellery

What goes around comes around


 The jewellery industry is currently going through a lot of changes as it is transitioning to a greener business model. We believe this change will come when everyone does their part.

Jewellers need support from their suppliers on providing transparency on the manufacturing and mining process throughout the entire supply chain. In return, jewellers must encourage their suppliers to source materials responsibly. We also need your support as our customer, accepting to pay a slightly higher price for more ethical products.

This slow movement of the Circular Jewellery will help us build a community of people who trust each other and want to share our journey towards more sustainable handmade jewellery.


How to take part in the Circular Jewellery movement?

Our two services: Use Your Gold and Conscious Bespoke enable to directly re-use your gold:


Use Your Gold

USE YOUR GOLD is our contribution to the Circular Jewellery movement, our way of minimising the environmental impact of the jewellery industry and adding value to your forgotten gold, making bespoke jewellery more accessible.

This innovative service streamlines the made-to-order process by allowing you to select from our edit a new design to be made using your own gold.

Conscious Bespoke

 A one-to-one personal experience, turning dreams into reality. Your one of a kind handmade jewellery can be crafted using your recycled gold and vintage stones.

One of our favourite Bespoke order was for a customer who asked us to melt together into a new bangle all their gold family memories which included a tooth filling and an old wedding ring from a previous marriage. It was a highly personal project with a lot of sentimental value.